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Download the iFORA app for self-blood glucose monitoring, record keeping, trend analysis, data storage and robust health management. Test results and trends can be displayed in detailed graphs – single day/morning versus night and pre-meal versus post-meal in a 7/14/30-day period. Set personalized target ranges to customize your experience and track your progress. Input notes with each measurement to keep a better record, have an insight into your progress as well as monitor and share in your network.

The result? You and your support system can adjust your activities and care according to your needs. The more you know and understand the more effective your health care management will be.

Data Recording

Note your food intake and corresponding activities with each measurement for more accurate and insightful record keeping with regards to what affects your blood glucose levels. Adjust your lifestyle and activities as needed to optimize your health!

Single Day

Instantly see how insulin doses and activities impact your glucose levels.

iFORA is more than just a log book

Manually note down the amount of Insulin injected, the number of carbs consumed, your physical and lifestyle activities and medications taken within the test period

Your activities are displayed on a scale of midnight-midnight with an overlay of 7/14/30 day time periods

Touch the screen once and you will see a red line. Touch the red line, hold and drag to an entry such as insulin, physical activity, meal or medications. Once the icon of your choice is selected, release to see notes on the selected entry in a pop-up window

Instantly see how your daily decisions and lifestyle activities impact your glucose levels

Lifestyle Awareness for Customized Care

Identify the lifestyle patterns and activities that affect your glucose levels which can lead to extreme glucose variations and health complications.

View results on a scale from midnight-midnight, with an overlay of 7, 14 or 30-day glucose data.

Track your trends! Some users may consistently have high blood glucose after dinner. Some may consistently have low blood glucose on the weekends due to intense activity. Some may consistently consume more alcohol on Friday night.

The more you understand your patterns, the better you are prepared to predict and prevent any issues.

Notes/measurement details will pop up in a window when users click on a specific dot for more information.

Target Pie Chart

Find out how well you have managed your blood glucose levels during the last 7, 14 and 30 days.

Pre-meal, Post-meal, Morning and Evening

Connect the dots for better understanding of the peaks and troughs.

Graphs illustrate blood-glucose variations of pre-meal, post-meal, before bed and mid-night or morning measurements.

The grey region clearly illustrates your target range.

A perfect reading? When all dots fall within your target range!

Enjoy the peace of mind of easily identifying individual extreme readings so that immediate action can be taken.

Notes/measurement details will pop up in a window when users click on a specific dot for more information.